Logo Design

A logo design service is designing a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organisations .The logo design aids and promotes instant public recognition . Hybrid logos use vectors, textures and texts to uniquely project your logo.

56% of the top brands’ logos incorporate both text and a symbol. Combination marks (known as iconic logotypes) are the best of both worlds, it makes sense that they’d be so popular. They spell out the name of a company while simultaneously associating it with a visual icon.

Combination marks are more complex, and require more time to design effectively. But that extra work gives you a logo design that’s more versatile than most. These logos can be split apart, that give you the ability to use the text or the symbol independently.

From a legal perspective, combination marks tend to be easier to trademark than symbol-only logos. Making a logo that resembles a red five-pointed star puts you at odds with other company with a registered logo.


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