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Graphic Design – Iconic Logo

  • Study of Brand and competition
  • 4 Sample Logos out of which you can select one
  • Strategic Logo Design
  • As many as 4 revisions
  • Very short project durations


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Iconic Logo

Iconic Logo is a symbol that express certain ideas much more effectively than text. Traffic signs are able to associate images with information and, without a single word, compel you to take action.
A graphical representation of a complex idea or concept. Custom icons, designed for a specific purpose, often become part of a company’s brand identity. Icon files, like logos, should be in vector format.

Brandmark logos can give your audience a clear representation of your company’s identity without the use of words or letters.
They’re also helpful when the name of your company is long and doesn’t lend itself to an abbreviated lettermark. A group called the “Pediatric Ophthalmology Organization” might prefer a brandmark that doesn’t draw attention to their unfortunate acronym.


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